This Podcast…

…will change lives. Well, it probably won’t but it should at least give you something to think about.

This podcast exists to provide long-form interviews of Austin business owners and managers. There is a ton to glean from the experiences of local business owners. Whether you’re dreaming of entrepreneurship or fighting through the daily challenges as an existing member of the community, this podcast is for you.

Learn how the owners got into their business, how things are going, and what they see for the future. And stay up to date on what’s going on in your backyard.

Your host, Gus…

…is a recovering business major who once sought recognition as a thought leader without realizing how Orwellian it sounded to lead someone’s thoughts.

To that end, I’ve honed my ability to make copies, rush around the office, tie a full windsor knot, and nod my head in a sign of vigorous agreement whenever my seniors sought buy-in around a new strategy of leveraging core competencies.

While I have barely risen from my nadir, I no longer view the powerpoint deck as the ultimate expression of business acumen and realize it can be fun to actually build something rather than just speculate.

Austin Business Podcast Host Gus Cavanaugh Portrait
Austin Business Podcast Host Gus Cavanaugh in Panama 2017
Austin Business Podcast Host Gus and wife Kathie Cavanaugh Wedding 2015