Austin Business Podcast Episode 7: Apogee Results - Bill Leake

7: Apogee Results – Bill Leake

Bill Leake, CEO of Apogee Results, provides insightful and funny commentary on the world of in-bound marketing and SEO. If you are a marketer or a business that needs marketing help, this episode is worth a listen. Bill provides some tactical tips around how to spot bad SEO consultants, what new technology is coming down the pike that everyone needs to get ready for, and how to approach marketing when you have a small budget. You can find more about Bill and Apogee Results at: FB:

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Bill has been around the block a few times in the Austin tech scene, and this interview is a great way to jump start your digital marketing knowledge. Bill, a self-proclaimed “recovering Mckinsey consultant”, is all about the marketing person who is good at digital rather than the other way around.

By this Bill means one needs to have a solid foundation in marketing and then one should add the technical know-how of say running an Instagram ad. Principles before tactics. Here at the Austin Business Podcast we approve.

Bill originally got into marketing as a newly minted MBA who wanted to stay in Austin but didn’t find much waiting for him in the finance industry. After a short sting at Dell, he ended up taking over at a small tech firm that was transitioning from a consulting business model to a product business model. Selling products rather than people was tough for the small company, and the number of employees dropped from 12 to 5.

Nevertheless, the remaining team persevered. In a moment of digital marketing innovation, they tracked the IP addresses of their web visitors and then looked up the physical location of the web host. As most sites were self-hosted by their corporations, they knew who had visited their product page.

Sadly, Bill laments, most of the time these days you just pay the robber barons at Facebook and Google for the traffic you need.

So what’s coming down the pike in Bill’s view – it’s voice. Websites will need to structure their assets (products) for voice searches. Pro tip: use video “for the win” as the final call-to-action when you need a conversion. Voice + video. Get ready.

Want to work at Bill’s firm? According to Bill the ideal candidate combines creativity with data skills. You need to be creative enough to find new and interesting ways to engage your audience, but comfortable with data such that you can test your approaches and not just guess.

Interested in working with Bill’s firm? Here’s what you should consider now – what game are you in and what are the rules? Once that is established and everyone understands what constitutes victory and what is and is not acceptable behavior, he can help craft a plan that will guide your customer along their customer journey.

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